The easiest way to avoid problems on your garage door is to prevent them from happening in the first place. Routine maintenance checks on your garage door prevent issues from either escalating or from happening altogether. Here’s a list that will help you make sure that your door will open and close without any problems, especially when you need it most. The first thing you need to do is go inside your garage. If you have an electric garage door opener, pull the red emergency cord. Then, you can begin to check your door’s manual opening/closing settings.

Step 1: Analyze garage door system

Garage door:

  • Are there any damaged or dented sections?
  • Do the door’s joints between the weather stripping seal tightly?


  • Is anything bent or crooked?
  • Are the screws as tight as they can be?
  • Is the lifting cable attached to the hinges at the bottom of the door properly?


Spring system:

  • Can you see any broken springs?
  • Are they excessively rusty?



  • Are the rollers cracked or worn down?
  • Do they roll smoothly in the tracks and not slide?


Lifting cables:

  • Are the cables tattered or frayed?
  • Do they properly wrap around the reel at the top of the vertical track?

Lifting the door:

The purpose of this action is to verify that the entire lifting system works properly using just one hand.

  • Is there a lot of resistance when lifting your door open?
  • Does your garage door open sporadically?

Step 2: Verify your garage door opener

(Before beginning, make sure the door opener carriage is working. Then, proceed to check the following systems.)

Mechanical safety reverse system:

Place a miscellaneous object (approx 2”×4”) on the threshold of the door. Close the door using your remote.

  • When the door touches the object does it lift back up?


Photoelectric safety reverse system:

(2 boxes located 4” above the ground on the vertical tracks)

  • Wave your hand or foot in front of the photoelectric system; does the door go back up?


Wall control panel:

This is located on the wall near the service door that leads into the house

  • Is the “open/close” button working properly?
  • What about the button that turns the light on/off?
  • And the one to disable the remote? (Push the button and try to operate the garage door opener using your remote)


  • Finally, have you changed the battery in your remote?
  • Is the door opener antenna completely extended?

Step 3: Lubricate the metal parts


  • Lubricate the metal parts of your door opener AT LEAST every 6 months (before and after the winter season)

We know life can come at you fast and you may not have the time to perform these routine checks. Remember that you can always contact us [] to perform a maintenance check.

You can also print out the verification checklist in PDF Format.

Lubricate the metal parts of your door opener AT LEAST every 6 months (before and after the winter season)