Garage Door Opener Replacement Carson CAGarage door openers are a great tool to have in your home. They allow you to open your garage door without have to manually move the garage door. Most homeowners don’t give their garage doors a second thought even though a garage door is normally the largest moving part of a garage door. Your opener will go through normal wear and tear. Replacement might not have crossed your mind but if you have a model that is older than 1993 you should probably consider the benefits of upgrading or replacing your garage door opener.

When should I replace my opener?

If you have a car you store in your garage, you will probably use your garage door frequently. Some estimates are at about 1,500 times per year. Garage door openers are an electric motor because of the nature of electric motors normal wear and tear could cause failure. Your garage door could be working perfectly fine one day and the next you could find yourself stuck inside your garage because your opener malfunctioned.

There are a number of things you can do as a home owner to prolong the life your opener but eventually it will give out and you will need a replacement. We have experts that can help in the installation of a new garage door opener if you are in need of one give us a call at (855) 733-3931. So long as your garage door opener isn’t making loud noises or moving oddly your garage door opener is fine. Lubricating all the necessary parts such as the springs, cables, rollers, and tracks can help prolong the life your garage door opener.

Upsides of a New Garage Door Opener

The 1993 CPSC Rule

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) in 1993 wanted to reduce the number of deaths and injuries related to automatic garage door openers. There were many children and pets who would become entrapped underneath garage doors with automatic openers. In order to fix this the CPSC established a new set of rules for automatic residential garage door openers.

The rule was made part of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 1990, requiring garage door openers manufactured after January 1, 1991 to be prepared with various entrapment protection requirements.
The main part of this ruling was to ensure that if a garage door was going down if someone or something were to pass under it the door should reverse. It was accomplished by having sensors near that bottom of the garage door that detect when something passes causing the door to stop and reverse the motion of the garage door.

If you have a garage door that was manufactured prior to 1993 we recommend for your safety and the safety of those who use the garage door to replace the opener. The safety reversing mechanism is a must have now a days. Give us a call at (855) 733-3931 to get your new garage door opener installed.


Older units of garage door openers tend to be louder. As the progress has continued though our new garage door openers are now virtually silent. Modern chain and belt drive units are unbelievably quiet in comparison to a unit that might even be about 10 years old.

Every neighborhood has very loud garage door opener. You wouldn’t want to be that neighbor who wakes everyone up just to get your garage door open. Give us a call today we can have one setup for you instantly.


While it might not be a deciding factor on upgrading, keypads can be put on the outside of your garage door to ensure you can still get into your garage. Should the battery on the remote control suddenly run out of juice. There would be no reason to head inside your garage in order to get it open. You would simply enter using the keypad right outside your garage door.

Built-in Battery Backups

On occasion the power leading to the garage door might go out. Normally if you have an old garage door opener you would be stuck inside trying to get out but modern garage door openers have a battery as a result you can open your garage door without needing electricity. Of course this is just a back up so the power will be necessary eventually but it will save you time should the power ever go out.

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Your garage door can always benefit from a new garage door opener but if it’s older than 1993 you should definitely replace. Older opener models are louder, don’t have backup power, or keypads making it a good idea to upgrade your opener.